Welcome! Thanks for visiting Seasonal Sprouts, I’m super excited you’re here! This blog aims to offer delicious recipes that are nutritious, affordable, and easy to make.

I started this blog because I love being in the kitchen creating meals and experimenting with flavours. I also have a passion for learning how the food we eat affects our bodies, which ultimately led me to study a degree in Food and Nutrition Science.

Nutrition has been a huge part of my life, but like a lot of people I have had my struggles with maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. From relying on convenience food, working with a very small food budget (the student life), to weight fluctuations and lack of motivation. With each challenge I have learned how to get back on track and create meals that get me excited and nourish my body properly so I can feel healthy and energised each day. I hope that through sharing some of my knowledge from personal experiences I can help those who may be stuck in similar situations.

My goal is to help inspire you to get in the kitchen and start cooking with the abundance of fresh, seasonal produce available.

I look forward to bringing you lots of simple homemade recipes and ideas!